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I did a support request to silicon dust for new guide channels 9.5 newsy , 9.4 ion and 12.5 court tv mystery. They have added the channels to their service how ever channels will not update. I am in the 59602 area code. Can you please fix


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These sound like OTA channel numbers. Do you use an antenna? Nobody provides a service for this. Just do a rescan of your channels.

I do use an antenna I need guide data

Did you refresh the guide data?

Go here and do this stuff:

Oh, and one more thing to do first - In the above screen shot, click on the IP address of your tuner. Then go to Channel Lineup > Detect Channels. Do that first, followed by the other two, and you should be fine.

I did all that and the channels show up but the guide data is wrong. Silicon dust has the correct guide data but not channels

Then use the "Sync Station Mapping" option. (SD and Channels get their guide data from the same place.)

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All channels except 12.5 now showing I had to go to remove provider and add my zip code again.


The weird part is that GRITT, Laugh, ION and Court Tv Mystery are just listed at the top and dont acutally have channel numbers.

Channel 30.6 in Los Angeles switched to Newsy this week. After some random refreshing of this and that the channel appears in the guide with the correct guide data but still has the HSN logo.

After you've ensured that the channels are matched to the proper station—either via the Sync Station Mapping or a rescan—if you want to be doubly sure everything is up–to–date, you can also go nuclear: from the DVR web UI go to Settings > Guide Database > Maintenance > Delete and Recreate Database. That will delete your existing guide, then re-download and re-index everything for the newly matched/discovered/synced stations.

After line-up changes, it can sometimes take a week or two for guide data to completely filter down from source to guide aggregators (and then to get matched to logo images). Give it a little time.

In this case, Scripps added/swapped the new broadcast version of Newsy into nearly all of their Networks division stations (which came from the acquisition of the ION Network stations back in February), so anyone else noticing this around the country can expect the corrected logos and sub-channel names to show up correctly in guides soon.