New computer

I'm switching laptops and don't know how to get the dvr connected to new one

Get the windows installer from

First, run it on the old laptop and select uninstall

Then you will need to copy the c:\DVR folder from your old laptop to your new one

Finally, run the installer on the new laptop then open and navigate to the DVR folder you copied over and click into Database, and select the first backup listed.

how do I copy the c:\dvr folder from old laptop to new one

First you should check how big the DVR folder is. You can right click on it and look at the properties to see many GB of data you have.

You will need to make sure the new laptop has enough space for those, and for any more recordings you want to make. If not, then the easiest thing is to buy an external USB drive. You would attach it to the first laptop, drag and drop the DVR folder, then detach and attach to the new laptop. You don't need to move the files, instead you would use the to go to D:\DVR (if the usb shows up as D:)

If there is enough space and you don't want to switch to an external drive, then you would need to connect both laptops to the same network and then use windows file sharing to access the first laptop files from the second laptop so you can drag/drop the DVR folder to copy it.

I have an external usb., how do I find the dvr folder

Your DVR folder is set to C:\DVR so its on your C drive

I'm in c drive and don't see a dvr folder

it says windows cant find C:dvr


What does it show on underneath the DVR checkbox?

not sure if you put the message on other computer but it says to go to system and security..there is no tab for system & security

found it hang on

its clicked but still didn't show up

I'm in this pc, local disc c: and its not listed

What does it show on underneath the DVR checkbox?

do you mean on the tab dvr? if so it shows sscheduled recordings

No, on the Settings tab there is a "Basic Setup" section where it has a checkbox next to DVR. There is a box underneath- what does it say in there?

it says C:\DVR

You can try typing c:\dvr into start menu and see if it opens up

so I go into pic of windows and search? if so nothing comes up