New Customer Remote Streaming Problem

Channels is incredible! So fast! Loving the commercial skip. However, I'm having difficulty getting remote streaming to work.

My setup: T-mobile 5G home internet gateway. Orbi RBK50 router connected to T-mobile gateway via CAT6. HDHomeRun Flex 4k connected to Orbi router via CAT6. Server is M1 MacMini running OS 12.0.1.

I have tried automatic mode. Didn't work. I then tried manual mode setting port forwarding up for internal and external port 8089 for my server's IP address on the Orbi router. Didn't work.

I then ran the troubleshoot diagnostics and got the following error message:

could not connect to Check if the port is mapped.

Any ideas what is wrong?

T-Mobile does not allow remote connections.

You can try Tailscale instead

Thank you. I have tailscale now installed on the server, my iPhone, and iPad the two devices I would use channels remotely. Is that all I need to do or do I need to reconfigure port forwarding in the orbi router and channels settings?