New HDHomeRun firmware

HDHomeRun RECORD (20210303beta1)

  • Further record engine performance improvements.

HDHomeRun Firmware (20210303beta1)

  • Adjustment to http streaming to improve receive-side efficency.

Any specific reason for posting?
I find their releases confusing.
i.e. what does this mean "Adjustment to http streaming to improve receive-side efficency."
Where is this beta firmware available from.
What models is it meant for.
How confusing is their download page as it's not listed there.. I see they updated their download page with the beta firmware.

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I post it mostly for the developers and those that might have a problem that is addressed by this firmware,

Downloads & Instructions - Silicondust


I'm pretty certain the developers are already monitoring the SD forums. (They probably have their GitHub repositories on a watchlist, too.)

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If you look back I have posted Firmware updates before so what is the big deal now ?


Ah, OK. Thought it might be something I wanted, like quit telling me I'm not subscribed to those channels I'm subscribed to just because you can't 'tune them' in your background scans.

The link you just provided doesn't show a Firmware download, only Software. I'm familiar with their forum.

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No big deal. Just wondered why you posted, that's all.

Followup to firmware ....

Old logic - it would send data when it had 7 TS frames or a frame had been waiting for 10ms, padding added.
New logic - send data when it has 38 TS frames or a frame has been waiting for 10ms, no padding needed on http/tcp.
The change helps efficiency on both the send and receive side.
No changes needed to apps.

Saw that also. Now just have to figure out what a TS frame is.

TS frame is 188 bytes starting with G


Ahh, transport stream 188 byte packet starting with a 0x47 sync byte.

HDHomeRun Firmware (20210501beta1)

  • HDHR5/HDFX/HDVR: Fix bug that could cause tuners to stop tuning channels.
  • HDFX-4K: Prioritize tuning ATSC 1.0 channels on the ATSC 1.0 tuners.

I'm highly reluctant to install any new HDHomeRun firmware unless there is a specific issue I am troubleshooting. Especially with beta firmware, but I have updated HDHomeRun firmware before that altered things for the worse. Especially any update that messes with the tuner logic. I once installed an update with 'tuner improvements' that caused issues receiving some VHF broadcasts.

I am not saying avoid all SiliconDust firmware. Just be prepared to rollback, even when upgrading to an official firmware.

This one fixes a very important bug ... I am not reluctant always upgrade.

I have never experienced that bug. My tuners always tune channels. And they get all OTA perfectly from two different cities.

I'm sorry you have been having issues with yours.

Who said I had issues ... I have never had issues with their firmware and somebody has to be willing to upgrade and test I am not scared worst case is you miss a few recordings big deal.

The Prime cannot rollback firmware, due to CableLabs restrictions. Because of this issue, I'm not certain that SD allows installing earlier firmwares on any units, regardless of the broadcast technology.

I have the beta firmware on my Connect Quatro and its been fine.

Which is a great reason not to mess with SD firmware unless you are trying to fix something that is broken. My tuners are fast, don't lock up, don't stop tuning channels. Certainly not going to test a beta that can't be undone with tuners that are used regularly.

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I believe that particular bug was that tuners were always tuned in order, regardless of technology. Therefore, ATSC 1.0 broadcasts first tuned tuner0, which was an ATSC 3.0 tuner for affected devices. If you had 2 ATSC1 streams tuned, both ATSC3 compatible tuners would be occupied, and therefore unable to tune a requested channel, even if only 2 ATSC1 channels were streaming. This update is to address this shortcoming, and that ATSC1 stations would first try to tune on tuner2 or tuner3, leaving the two ATSC3 tuners—tuner0 and tuner1—free.

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