New HDHomeRun firmware

Poor goats! :wink:


Release 20230505:
Legacy models: Disallow the use of UDP broadcast for video.
Record models: Fix issue introduced in 20230503 recording from non-ipv6 models.

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Release 20230713:
ATSC3 models: Support detecting and reporting ATSC 3.0 parental rating information.
ATSC3 models: Support alternative way resolution is reported by some ATSC 3.0 stations.
ATSC3 models: Support alternative way track media types are reported by some ATSC 3.0 stations.
ATSC3 models: Support detecting descriptive audio tracks on ATSC 3.0 channels.
ATSC3 models: Support trex dafaults required by some ATSC 3.0 test streams.
ATSC3 models: Support 2-character language codes on ATSC 3.0 channels.
ATSC3 models: Nextgen TV certification release candidate.
ISDB-T models: Fix problem detecting virtual channel numbers on cable systems that use DVB style channel numbers.
Add Access-Control-Origin header when delivering video over http.

Today's release (announcement pending) is the Nextgen TV certification release candidate. The update is for the UI, apps, and device firmware. It includes a roll-up of improvements and bug fixes picked up in testing.

Today's release is unrelated to playing encrypted content (optional feature) but the process will be similar when support is released - it will be a UI update, app update, and device firmware update.


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Release 20230719

  • Nextgen TV certification release.
  • 20230719 firmware update is for HDHR5 and newer models (only). 20230713 is the latest firmware for HDHR4, HDTC, and HDHR3-CC models.
  • 20230719 app releases rolling out.
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They did a good job of hiding it. After 10-15 minutes of searching their site I blindly just clicked the "HDHomeRun Software for Windows – includes firmware upgrade" link on their downloads page and that was correct.

Until then I was baffled, usually I simply run the updater in the install folder but it said I was up to date. :man_shrugging:

This is always up to date.

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Well disguised though. Says May 03 2023, and the hyperlink gives the correct file even though it says beta.

As I said, they did a good job of hiding it.

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Or you could just launch the HDHR software and it will tell you there is a firmware update you can launch directly from there.

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I did. Mentioned in my initial post.

Same here for the Mac version. Just running HDHR software wasn't enough to find and install the firmware update. I also didn't present itself like it usually does, when I logged into the HDHR via its IP address.

I had to download the newer Mac version of HDHR from in order to make the update happen.

Ipad version hdhomerun showed the firmware update as usual

The link has always pointed to the latest package. Hence my comment that "This is always up to date." And now you have the knowledge that the link I posted will always have the latest package so you don't have to dig around to find it.

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No thanks.

Same links here, so this is always up to date, too


Yea, the general download page there is fine for me.

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