New/Live MLB games not recording, incorrectly marked as "already recorded"

I have an advanced pass set up to catch all New York Yankee MLB games, but I've noticed that consecutive games against the same team (which is typical in MLB) are being seen by the system as "already recorded", so the new instances don't get recorded.

The episodes not being recorded all have "New" and "Live" tags displayed in the Guide, so I'm curious why Channels isn't seeing these as new episodes and record them as part of my pass?

Advanced Pass Conditions
Categories == Series
Genres == Baseball
Tags == New
Title CONTAINS Yankees
Title EXCLUDES Batting Practice
Title EXCLUDES Pregame
Title EXLUDES Postgame
Titles EXCLUDES Yankees Magazine

How far in the future are you looking?

I've actually not looked in the future, just noticed it happen live when a game is on and I realize it's not recording. In the cases I've seen so far, the games were on consecutive days.

In the most recent example, the first game was recorded yesterday (4/25/23 @ 7:40PM EDT), while the 2nd game (an entirely new game against the same opponent, carrying the same episode title) began 4/26/23 @ 1:00PM EDT.

I can/will monitor over the next few days as well, as there are 4 games upcoming against the Texas Rangers. All episodes have the same title as well as "New" and "Live" tags.

As of this moment, all episodes are being captured by my Advanced Pass and show "Queued", but I'm wondering if that will change after the first game is recorded.

The DVR relies on the program identifier which is generally unique per game but sometimes the guide data can be wrong

Easy answer would be take off the new designation in the pass? Or are there reruns that it would pick up then?

I had the same issue on some of my sports passes on TiVo and it was almost always fixed by telling it to record new and reruns instead of new only because of guide data issues. And yeah tivo would show it as new too.

Thanks - I may try that. My concern is that it will record re-runs, "classic games", etc., and that recording of the re-runs may conflict with other recordings (only 2 tuners).