New NVIDIA Shield Pro User - PROBLEMS

Up until a few days ago, my DVRE was on my Windows PC and no issues. I purchased a 2019 NVIDIA Shield Pro and saw that I could use it as my Channels DVR Server. It appealed to me since I would not have to have my PC running all the time.

After all was done, it seems slower than the PC, and issue I am having is local channels from my antenna pause constantly, like every 2 seconds when I access remotely. TVE Channels take a while to load before it starts to play.
I had a 1 GB external WD Drive attached to the Shield just for the DVR alone. It is set as external, I made sure of that.
So, I started the server on my PC just to see, and when accessed remotely, no issues.
Everything is connected via ethernet, both servers are 2020.07.04.0217.

Is there something I am missing? Thoughts?

On the sever, go to Support, and make sure all the items there are green.
U can submit diagnostics there to, after you have experienced the issue.
The devs can see that and give u some insight.

I'm looking into using a Nvidia Shield TV Pro with external storage as my Channels DVR server. How has your experience been recently? Does it have enough power/speed to work well with the commercial skipping feature?

I was very unhappy with it. I ended up put everything back on my desktop, returned the Shield. Everything connected via Ethernet.