New Philo Channels?

I just got an email from Philo saying "TV ONE" Channels are added.
Can these be added to Philo as TVE sources supported now?
New Channels:

I want getTV too but I can't find a live feed on their site and I didn't find a live feed for TV One either (just their app). INSP does have a live feed.

I thought i saw ONE and INSP as a TVE channel before...but cant seem to recall what provider it was.(i have tried some others via trial a few times) I don't see it in my list of channels for Philo or Xfinity that i have. I have getTV as an OTA station.

It is also quite odd, that Philo has streaming rights to Walker Texas Ranger now it seems, to be able to host getTV.
Cause the channel CHARGE, airs that show, but only on the OTA broadcast, which is a harder to get SD channel, vs the TVE stream which is HD. DUe to licensing or something, it says right under the player window on the Charge website, "Walker Texas Ranger is not available to watch via live stream" and they play some wresting show in place.
Very frustrating.
But now it seems the show can be aired "online" at lest by GetTV.

GetTV says : We are also available nationwide on the following PayTV streaming services; Philo and fuboTV. I also see Vidgo mentioned.
cant find a web stream. :frowning_face:

TVONE: Has a long list of providers and streaming services its offered on.
But, cant find a live stream on thier website.

INSP: Has a Watch now link next to whats on now banner ( but, it is not showing a live stream of the channel...for me.

...o well. the Philo email got me excited for a minute there...

(if only they would add the Disney and Nat Geo channels...would be perfect and best deal ever for me)

This is why plex and torrents going to exist, until some company get their shit together or finally some angry user fill class action lawsuit.

But inspire is good if you wanna watch western all day :slight_smile: