NEW: Picture-in-Picture support using DVR transcoding (experimental)


Yep, you read that right. It’s finally happening!

The latest iOS beta (8.2.2000) adds experimental PiP support for the iPad :confetti_ball::zap::boom:

This feature requires a transcoding capable DVR server, to convert the HDHR stream into a format that works with the iOS system player.

Try it out and post your experiences below.

If you’re not in the beta, you can sign up automatically by clicking this link.


You guys are fan-flipping-fantastic!!

It’s very cool. PIP worked great. Even remote.

Noted: when I selected the “full screen” button, it just took me back to the main app, and I had to select “iPad” to switch. When I did, the full screen and PiP were out of sync, and not using the same cache.


Full screen button does not work since we don’t use the system player. You have to pick either PiP or regular playback at the beginning.

Playing a recording via PiP should keep track of your position though, and let you resume from the same place later (via any client or playback method).


Awesome. Works perfectly here as described above. Also pause and play of live tv work in PiP which is pretty cool.


Would it be possible for it to note position in live playback when you press full screen button from PIP so that when you switch to iPad, it would pick up live playback from the same place you left off?


The picture in picture option seems to replace the option to watch on Apple TV when there is an Apple TV on the same network (I.e. The pip option appears but the option to watch on Apple TV no longer does). Is that intended?


Scratch that. Channels was not open on my atv at the time when I tried. Doh.


WOW! I was going to inquire about when you guys may implement PiP but since you were adding so many other new features I decided to keep quiet! Haha. Working great so far. Will report any issue I see. Thanks!


Yeah, recording switch, worked fine. I was watching live when I went to switch to Full Screen from PiP and saw the sync difference, instead of picking up my existing cache, it went to live and was ahead.


The way the PiP player and our player work are completely different, so it’s quite hard to switch between the two. What’s included in the beta is the best we could manage given the restrictions in iOS. Honestly I’m surprised we even got it working at all.


I don’t think pause works on live tv. When you resume it will jump to the current time.


Like I tell my kids, " ya take what ya get and you don’t throw a fit".

I love it, thanks for making this work!


That’s odd. I just tried it again here and play and pause of live TV in PiP is definitely working here. I really didn’t expect it to but it does. I tried it during a weather forecast so it was really clear that it was resuming where it left off rather then skipping back to live.


And just tried it again for several minutes on a news channel with a clock on screen. It’s definitely resuming.


Is there any way to independently control the volume for the video on full screen and the one in PIP mode? I can’t really watch both at the same time. It would be nice to be able to mute one or the other.


Why doesn’t this work in the beta versions anymore?


This feature was experimental. We have no intention to ship it the way it worked so it was removed.

Beta versions routinely have experimental features and there’s no guarantee that they will ship to release versions.


That’s a shame because it worked really well.


You can still use PiP mode via Safari using the DVR web UI.


Please bring out PIP for the Apple TV! for me its a key feature missing, the app feels basic without it. Recently I've been looking at SKY Q, one of the reasons i'm being pulled back to Sky is the quality feel of the experience. When you actually break that down, it's features such as PIP.

I would say PIP is more important than DVR as most people use catch up services now.