New Remote/14.6, Now Video/Audio Delay

Hi. Got the new Apple remote today and have loved it way more than the previous version. I noticed some issues with pausing and scrubbing video, so when I saw that 14.6 was out I figured that I should update to see if that would fix it. When that didn’t fix it, I saw that Channels also had an update for the remote, so I applied it.

Now not only do I have the scrubbing issue, I have an issue with video/audio sync. I’ve done everything I can think of: restarting the app and then the ATV, killing PIP, trying the experimental audio and video drivers, power cycling my HomeRun, and even switching to SAP. Nothing corrects it delay. I even installed Channels on my iPhone and it’s working fine on that.

I have a new ATV coming tomorrow, so I guess I’ll try that to see if that fixes it.

Any other suggestions?


Got the new Apple TV and set it up from scratch (not using iCloud to restore apps and layout). The ATV came installed with 14.5 and I did NOT update to 14.6.

Everything works fine. So I will not be updating to 14.6 anytime soon.

I haven’t messes with the old one since, but I’ll plug it into another TV to see if the issue is still happening. If so, I’ll restore the ATV and reinstall from scratch as well.