NEW: Roku app for Channels DVR (experimental)


Anymore work being done here? Kinda sucks we can’t navigate our recordings. We can only playback “up next” and movies.


I agree, however, I would rather see full listings/navigation improvements on Android devices prior to Roku.


This project is on pause, but we plan to add more features later this year.


I have a Roku as well :slight_smile: Would like to beta test this along side my FireTV (which you already invited me) and AppleTV. BTW so far (no suprise) like the Apple interface best so far.

Thanks again


Is this app US only by chance? The link winds up with “The channel code provided is not associated with a valid channel.” on the Roku site. Even access to live TV on the Roku would be handy.


The app was marked US only, but I fixed it to include Canada and UK.


Perfect, Installing now. Thanks as always!


Remote access coming?


Hey… I’ll join the beta test for this Roku app as well, if you don’t mind. The Amazon app has been working fine now that I moved my DVR to a capable box, so transcoding works great. I just picked up a cheap Roku TV so I have yet another room to try Channels!


To join the beta, use the link in the first post.


Sorry for another question :). I have two Roku Streaming Stick+ that I was going to replace. Is this Beta far enough along that I should consider keeping them? Application is live TV and DVR with HDHR Prime.


No, this beta is a very early prototype. Might even be better described as an alpha.


Downloaded the Roku channel this week and it seems to be working mostly great with a couple of exceptions. I am getting a strange audio distortion with voices (worse with deep voices) on certain content. Is the audio normalized when it is downmixed? It almost sounds like the audio is clipping…

Also are the “up next” or “movies” buttons supposed to do anything or they are not implemented yet? For me nothing loads with those.


So I figured out the up next and movies is for recordings (should have read, doh!).

I have narrowed the sound issue down to being a Roku specific problem, as it doesn’t happen on the web player or when airplayed to one of my older apple TV’s. Is there any way you could let me know what audio settings are being used so I can see if maybe I can reproduce the problem manually converting a file, and then I can see what changes might fix it?

I also have a video of the issue if that might help narrow down what is going on, although I feel like one or two small tweaks to the encode profile for the roku will be enough to probably get rid of it.


@tmm1, are you the right person to ask about this? I would love to try and pin down what causes this issue because It’s the only thing preventing me from using the Roku app on my secondary TVs


Is the audio issue on all channels? What hdhomerun model?

The same encode profile is used for roku, web player and airplay so I’m surprised only one is experiencing issues.


I see it on all channels yes, but certain material is especially bad. The local news (all affiliates) especially the weatherman for some reason is probably the worst offender. But it is definitely present on most programs. I have tested on a Roku 2, 3 and two generations of streaming sticks (the current and previous generation). I am using an HDHR Prime with Comcast. I also brought my HDHDR to another location with Cox and rented a cablecard just to see if it was a Comcast thing, but I had the same issue there.

I have also seen some threads over on the Plex forums with people who seem to be having a similar issue and it seems to be related to something with AAC audio encoding settings. Here is one of them:

I was not able to find a response from Plex in any of these threads (which seems to be the norm over there these days unfortunately) but I do also have a similar issue when watching any material in Plex that has to be transcoded to two channels on those rokus, although I do not have the issue with other material (Amazon, Netflix, etc…)


Happens on both recorded and live?


Yea, same behavior for recorded or live tv


Is there any way you could change the profile for just Roku devices, maybe increase the bitrate and see if that fixes it?
If you are able to tell me the encode settings you are using currently I could go about encoding problematic material myself and then making changes until the issue is resolved, then I can let you know what worked…