New Router Install killed my Access to

I installed a new Synology RT2600ac router at home. Seems like the new router assigned a new IP address to my Synology NAS DS918+. I can play Channels but now I can't access In Settings / Remote DVR I am getting a message: "Configure your router to forward TCP port 8089 to". My new IP address is xx.x.x.xx. How do I resolve this?

If UPNP auto setup isn't working you need to forward the ip's on your new router to the computer/nas in question

You are better off if you manually forward the port long term - it is much less likely to break

And in the New Router assign a STATIC IP ADDRESS to your DVR and then PORT FORWARD 8089 to that IP ADDRESS.

BTW.. I turn off UPNP because I do not what "any" applications opening up ports into my network. By me setting up my own port forwarding to know which ports can get through. I just feel safer that way.

Not to be pedantic - but if you set a permanent ip while using dhcp on a router it would be a reserved ip not static

I agree with you it is a "Reservation" but not all routers use the same terminology.

My "office" Frontier Router:
IP Address Distribution
IP Address Distribution provides the ability to allocate IP addresses and configuration parameters to selected hosts

And the add Button has this:
"Add Static Connection"

AND my "Home" Google Wifi Router:

DHCP IP reservations
Reserver IP