New Server / new IP address - "Channels DVR could not be discovered"

Hi Folks,

I'm a new Channels DVR user looking to switch away from Plex. I setup channels on an old PC and tested it for the past few days without issue.

Today I decided to take the plunge and install the Channels DVR software on my old Plex machine (newer, faster PC). The DVR software is working fine but Remote Access appears to be broken. None of my clients can access the Channels DVR and the only thing that changed was the IP address of the server.

When I ran the general troubleshooting, I encountered the following issue:
Remote Access
Could not connect to Check if the port is mapped.

I never touched the router or any settings on the previous install which worked fine. Any ideas what could have changed?

Thank you!

Under the dvr web ui> setting > general > under remote streaming > try toggling to off then back to automatic. Test a remote connection. If it still doesn’t work you will need pick manual and find instructions for your specific router to port forward 8089 to the servers ip.

UPDATE - SOLVED - Remote Access to the the PC with the Channels DVR software was being blocked by Microsoft Defender firewall and network protection (I was not aware it was "on.") I disabled the firewall and now client access works without issue.