New setup having trouble setting up Shield DVR Server

I am new and just trying this out for the first time (based on a friend recommendation) migrating from an old Window Media Center Build.

I am trying to run both the "Channels DVR" and "DVR Server" on my shield. The DVR Server says its running on
When I visit that URL from a laptop/desktop on the network I get "Please visit this server via its local network IP to perform initial setup."

When I try to connect to the "DVR Sserver" from "Channels DVR" I get "Your DVR is not quite set up yet. Visit this URL in your browser to complete it."

And as I said above that shows the local network page.

Any advice/ideas?

Thanks in advance

It is because you're using 192.167 instead of 192.168

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First of all thank you so much for the SUPER quick response!!!

So I guess that is that not allowed? :frowning: My whole network/router is setup to use is 192.167.*
(It is because I am overriding Verizon FIOS's terrible router with my own)

Also are there any any workarounds? I could try downloading a browser on my shield and going to on my shield. But want to make sure the whole house DVR would/should work after words.

To be honest I am definitely afraid of what might break if I try to swap those. Its been setup like this for like 8 years.

Again thank you for the response and all your work :slight_smile: Looks like a great product.

You can probably do the setup via, and make the client also connect with that address since its on the same device.

But then other devices in your network will have the same problem.

Technically 192.167.. is owned by "GARR - Italian academic and research network" and you're not allowed to be using it.

Only 192.168.., 10..., and 172.16..* are allowed for in-home use.

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Fascinating... I did not know that!!!

Anyways (I am clearly in the minority) :-p And didn't know this till now but sounds like I am doing something I shouldn't :-p

Finally I really, really do appreciate your replies! Thank you so much and have a great day!

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