New Siri Shortcuts: Are Variables Possible?

Is it possible to set up a variable for the channel name when using shortcuts?

Right now I have it setup to ask each time, which will bring a list of channels on my iPad. What I would like to do is have a variable with the channel name so that I have one shortcut that can tune to any channel.

Example: When I say "Hey siri Watch *variable*" the shortcut will reference the list of channels and turn to the name given.

This is possible with IFTTT and may have been possible with the previous shortcut method, hopefully I'm missing something with the new config.

The actions don’t accept input since their values are picked from a list. The list values are provide by the app.

It’s possible another action could be created that accepts just a channel number. It wasn’t added to decrease the complexity and confusion of having it along with the Watch Channel action.

Would it be possible to add an action that accepts a name as well?

Also, it it possible for the device to be a variable? Ideally I would like to setup one shortcut with two variables (channel, and device).

Example: "Hey siri, watch channel name on device name"

No, because there’s no way to resolve that.

There’s nothing in the lineups that have normal names like “discovery” or “espn”. They’re all call signs. So there’s no way we can take your words and match it.

Your best bet is to just create shortcuts for each of your favorite channels and add any phrase you want.

For CableCard and TVE there are. I was going to try to make it easy by exporting the M3U to another DVR and modify the channel names to be as straight forward as possible.

However, I do understand that that most are using Channels with OTA and call signs would be the norm.

There’s more than callsigns but they’re truncated in some cases and not at all what most people would say out loud.

Unfortunately this is a lowest common denominator thing. Again, you fully have evey ability to make your own shortcuts using your own phrasing.

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