New skip feature with the Siri Remote


First, I know you're taking some heat about this feature with other remotes but I have welcomed the ability to mostly put the RCA remote away and use only my Siri remote. I have also seen some complaints about the Skip button showing up during the show. For me, it's easy to ignore. The only time that Skip button is a fail for me is at the end of the show. On my system when I reach the end of the show the skip button is displayed but it doesn't do anything. That's the only time I still need to grab my RCA remote unless I want to watch the commercials and the previews and the into to the next show. It is a very minor inconvenience but weird nonetheless.


Sounds like there's a bug with the button at the end of the show.

However I don't understand why you would ever need to use two remotes. You can do everything in the app with the Siri remote. Click the right side to jump forward?


Thanks, I had gotten so used to using the RCA remote which seemed to be the way everyone had been doing it that I never really explored what I could and couldn't do with the Siri remote. I'm a big Apple fan but I have to confess that the Siri remote is one of my least favorite devices they have made.


I had a strange situation at the end of a show yesterday when the Skip button came up. I tapped the remote to do the Skip but nothing happened, and then tapping left or right or even the pause/play button did nothing and would not bring up the timeline graphics. I finally discovered that tapping the Menu button once (or more) got me out of the strange mode and things were working normally again. Note that the Skip button was displayed but in the timeline graphics there were no commercial end marker and there were only a few minutes left of the recording.