New Synology NAS options - Thoughts?

Synology apparently accidentally announced some of its upcoming hardware, including the DS920+, which will be the successor to the DS918+. It will use the Intel Celeron J4125, versus the J3455 in the DS918+. What are your thoughts on upgrading from the 918 to the 920? Is it worth the upgrade? Would we see a big improvement in processes such as Channels commercial detection and Plex transcoding?

According to what I’ve read on reddit they think that there isn’t anything special to upgrade to the x20 models if you already own an x18. The only difference may be for those that have a 718+, the new 720+ has nvme slots for caching.

Well that is dissapointing!

I am a big fan of Synology DSM (os) but their hardware has always been under performing for CPU intensive tasks. I think for Channels DVR it is fine if using one with the INTEL Processors. But when using the Virtual Machine Manager and other things they are under performing. Would be nice if they had an option for an Intel i7 with the higher Ghz rating.

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My DS918+ is the first NAS I have ever owned, and I absolutely love the thing! I do wish it was a little more powerful, though. I'd consider upgrading to the new DS920+ if the new hardware handled commercial detection and transcoding significantly better than the old one.