'New' tag wrong

Not sure where the problem centers—Guide, DVR, App—but the guide is incorrectly tagging some shows as 'New'. The two in particular most recently was an episode of Seal Team that reran last Saturday. Also, I cannot figure out how to not record the hour long SNL rerun that comes on earlier on Saturday night than the full episode. That also keeps being tagged as 'New'.

Any tips or help is greatly appreciated.

Dang. I'm the only one with this issue?


The "New" tag (and others) are not put there by Channels, but by their guide provider, Gracenote. Channels has no real control over the delivered guide information.

As far as the Seal Team recording, the original was preempted with ongoing coverage of the CV. Had you recorded the original, you would not have a complete recording.

This is how I got around that issue with SNL recording the earlier version with rerun content:

Here's how I record SNL:


I completely forgot that about Seal Team. We watched it 'already in progress" and called it a loss.


Thanks both of you for the SNL recording tips. I thought I had already changed my recording settings, which is what made it frustrating. So going back to that I can see I must have not saved my changes. A frustration of my own making.

Ironically it may be a few weeks before seeing if the new settings will work, now.

We'll see!