New Team Member!

Hey everyone, if you hadn't already noticed, we have a new team member on the Channels team, @eric.

@eric has been working on improving streaming on the Channels platform since February and has had significant success.

@eric is an old friend of ours that has been a Channels fan since day one. We're super excited for what he'll be able to do to help us all have a better experience with Channels!


Thanks for helping make the platform better! I've been watching the updates on this platform for awhile now and love seeing the progress being made.


:wave: Hello everyone!

It's been fun working on this with @maddox and @tmm1 and seeing all the fun ways people use Channels. I like using Channels while traveling and that's driven me to make lots of improvements around streaming.

It's great being part of a small team and having such a friendly community around it.


Belated Welcome (was wondering who you were) and Thanks for your contributions.
The Channels Community is unlike any others for LiveTV and DVR support.
You devs amaze me sometimes by your ingenuity, thoughtfulness, respect of the community and speed of support.
Can't say that about many today.
That's why I migrated from TiVo to RiVo to PlexDVR to SDUST DVR to Channels.
I've found a home.



Welcome, @eric!

We'll soon be testing Channels while traveling in a Major Way: We're going to Europe for a vacation. Bought a Fire Stick for $15 during Prime Days. And, of course, have the Channels apps on our iPads and iPhones.

It will be amusing to watch TV local to our home from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean :slight_smile:

Which one was that? I’ve been traveling with the Fire TV 4K (now replaced by the Fire TV Stick 4K) and it’s been great.

Some of the older Fire TV Sticks have been a little underpowered but we’ve all had good experiences with the newer ones.

Just the regular, non-4K, Fire Stick. Amazon was selling them during the recent Prime Days for $15. I could not not pull the trigger on that deal.

It seems to work just fine streaming on my LAN, over my WiFi network.

I bought it for when we travel.

Same here! I picked up a 4k stick and two regular sticks. I'm preparing to transition from my Roku sticks to these. And by "preparing", I mean that I'm starting to train other family members :wink:

I'm doing some side-by-side testing of Channels DVR and Plex. So far, Channels seems to have about 25% - 50% of the server load when streaming and transcoding as compared to Plex. Awesome job, Channels devs, and kudos to the new guy!

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Thanks for all your hard work @eric as well as the rest of the team!