New thumbnail during playback towards end?

If never seen this before. Interesting. Is it just info or does it have a function?

That’s the next episode of the show you’re watching. It’s offering you the opportunity to watch the next episode.

With Auto Play turned on, it will show a countdown and will automatically play the next episode.

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That’s great! First time I’ve seen it. Has it been around for a while?

It just rolled out. We're announcing it tomorrow.


Well done!

OK, so there was a lot of confusion about how this landed in the release version. It's embarrassing to say, but this was never intended to go out. This feature is specific to the big 4.0 version we'll be shipping soon.

We're pulling the feature in the next update. If you love it, check out the beta on TestFlight, it's on there.

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Understood. Are we taking days, weeks, or months for 4.0? Also, I saw some sneak peek images about 4.0 but no specifics. Any hints?


Here's the thread on it -

Thanks. Sorry, just found it. Forgot I could have just done a search on 4.0!