New TiVo Stream 4K Android Integration

We all know how awesome TiVo was and still sort of is and could possibly be in the future hopefully. With the latest announcement of a new TiVo Stream 4K device that runs on top of android and supports the Google play store apps, I think it is imperative and would be amazing if Channels DVR could work on this device, not only as a separate app but maybe it would be an amazing idea for the channels developers like @eric and @tmm1 to possibly contact TiVo and see if they could partner with them and work on getting Channels DVR integrated into their over running GUI, guide and menu, the same way that they announced SlingTV will be integrated and work on it.

Imagine Channels DVR capability covered with a TiVo GUI skin and integrated search and discovery ability! That would be my dream TV system!

Just a thought to see if others agree and to drop the idea in the developer’s heads! Here is a link in case anyone’s been under a rock and missed their CES announcement:

The Stream 4K is supposed to be compatible with all Android apps. If so, then the Channels app for Android can be installed. We'll know when it ships in April.

The sad part is, they are launching it without any app connecting it to their own TiVo DVR products. It will instead rely on Sling for live TV and cloud DVR, plus the TiVo+ streaming service. The apps for other streaming services can be installed as well.

Based on statements by the CEO and the VP of consumer products, at this time they don't want to be distracted by connecting this new streaming initiative with their installed DVR base. So, for now I doubt they'd be open to any approach by a third party on this. But who knows, maybe they need the help.

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Yes I understand all that. I know and am pretty sure it will certainly allow you to load the Channels DVR client app on it and it'll work as a separate app, not integrated into the TiVo GUI overlay.

I am saying that I think it would be a great idea for Channels Devs to contact TiVo to see of they can have this integrated the same way that SlingTV will be. Also wondering if maybe the TiVo Stream 4K could host the DVR, a la' the Shield, if you can connect a USB hard drive or at least link it to a network drive.

Based on your last paragraph I think you understand that, so just rehashing really. :slight_smile:

I am just surprised there isn't more interest in this. It could be a real game changer if they do it right.

Yes we're on the same wavelength. I think it's sad that TiVo management is not including DVR integration at launch, and I believe they'd be unlikely to respond to any such approach. But hey, glass-half-full, right?

Our focus right now is in making Channels (including the User Interface) as good as we can make it. We believe that nothing out there right now is as good and easy to use as it should be.

Because of this, we don't have any plans at the moment to plug into systems that take over the user interaction. There are a lot of things that we are doing now and can do in the future to make playback and smooth as possible and make navigation the best there is. If we spend time to integrate with other playback aggregators, we will be at the mercy of their UIs and their bugs.

If this device ends up being more powerful than the FireTV Stick (for instance), it may turn out to be a great way to take Channels with you while you travel... but we won't know that until we all get a chance to use them.


Understood and fair enough. I get where you're coming from for sure.

From all I've read the new TiVo Stream 4K is based on the same hardware and Android as the AirTV2 from Sling. If you're interested in trying the hardware to see its capabilities, then maybe you can grab one of those and test the Channels DVR client on it?

They just released it today...

$50 promo price, it’s worth a shot

I primarily would love to have a TiVo remote with Channels. Best of both worlds

I agree. Being moved from Tivo to Channels DVR i will wait for a day to use Tivo remote to access all getchannel's Live and Recorded content and future integration either directly or through a hack.

I ordered one to try. From what I’ve read, all apps available on Android TV will be available on Tivo Stream 4K. If that’s true, then you should be able to load channels up and use the TiVo remote.

It’s expected to arrive on Sunday. I’ll give a full review.

I ordered one too. Mine hasn’t shipped yet

Mine comes Saturday. Hope it works. Having a remote with numbers would be a great benefit for Channels use.

If you have an AppleTV as the Channels DVR Client, then you can program the AppleTV to use an old TiVo remote, if you have one available.

I don't believe the number buttons will work directly in streaming TV apps like you're thinking. They are there for inputting info into text boxes only, at least for now. They don't even work with the integrated SlingTV app yet. The channel up/down buttons do, so that is cool for channel surfing in that app.

You can direct input channels with number keys for TVE directly while viewing. There is about a 2 to 3 sec lag before the change but it does work. The local channels do not work with the buttons. I think because of the lack of the . and - buttons. Why they did not include those who knows. The original Tivo remote had these buttons. But so far so good. Only issue I can see so far is the progression time bar does not show while skipping forward or backward. You have to hit the up arrorw, then the down arrow to appear but after that I does not. This was explained in another forum from one of the developers.

Anyone know if the TiVo dongle supports Atmos on Netflix

Its does support all formats audio and video. I have mine connected to Vizio Dolby Atmos soundbar. You have to have the premium plan to get the experience for Dolby Atmos though. If you have Amazon Prime , some Ultra HD content is available without extra charge.

Thanks, I’ll order one. I know Roku and Fire tv don’t support Netflix Atmos

Are your devices 4K compatible or just HD. Your wrong about the Fire TV not supporting Netflix Dolby Atmos. But its the Fire TV 4K that's supported. Roku also but its has to be the Roku Ultra HD that supports Dolby Atmos. If your devices are pre-4K they will not support Dolby Atmos. The Tivo Stream so far I have now issues with the audio format on any app that supports it. You also have to set your sound device or TV audio setting to Bitstream not Dolby Digital

Atmos on Netflix is on limited devices. My Fire TV has Atmos on Disney+ and Amazon prime not Netflix.