New to Channels . .

. . . but experienced with Plex.

Hi all!

So I'm trying out Channels and really like the skip commercial feature but I don't like not being able to run a post processing script to convert the original file to a h.265 mkv format. I've gotten past that - modifying my mcebuddy setup to monitor my tv directory. I have then moved to a directory that is a Local Content directory and it's recognizing and playing the new file. The issue I'm having is that it's not recognizing the edl file that comskip is creating and placing in the same directory

It seems like it should? is there some step that I am missing? I also need to figure out a way to remove the original from within Channels - the file is gone - mcebuddy is taking care of that - but it's still showing up in Channels in recorded shows.

Any direction is greatly appreciated!



Support for EDL imports is available in prerelease.


Ok Great! My server says I am up to date - I'm not sure how to enable / download the prerelease?

Thanks for the quick reply!



Found it! Downloading the prerelease now!


Interesting. I have a unique use case that I'd like to run buy you.

Every so often, I find myself manually editing the EDL files created by Channels due to some inaccuracies in commercial detection. I primarily use these modified EDL files as part of a separate scripted archival and conversion process. While Channels DVR doesn't parse my manual edits, it would be nice if it could. Perhaps a manual option which instructs Channels DVR to "reload" EDL data?

I'm sure this suggestion opens a giant can of worms so no worries if the idea doesn't seem feasible. Just figured I'd share my use case with you guys.

You can edit the commercial markers in Channels via the web UI, and then the EDL file beside the recording will be updated. (This was recently discussed.)

Thank you for your feedback. I am aware of the WebUI functionality. My use case is specific to instances that call for more precise editing which the WebUI is not capable of handling.

Do what the OP is doing.
If you're already editing the EDL file that Channels DVR comskip creates, just move that EDL file and the Channels DVR recording file to the Channels DVR local content import directory and it will import it and use your edited EDL file.

Edit to add: I also wished for more precise editing that the web UI wasn't capable of, so I use another program to cut the ads out. I only do this for recordings I want to archive. I could then move that edited recording back into Channels if I wished, but I don't. I will most likely Import them back into Channels when they get the Imports working better at matching shows/specials/movies.


Thanks again! That did exactly what I wanted it to do.

Now to figure out how to have Channels realize that I've deleted the original file . . . .


You could always do:
PUT /dvr/pruner/deleted