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Hello. I am moving soon and was looking forward to cutting out the big cable company. I was just wondering what channels I get with channels app? I will have it hooked to Apple tv router and antenna but cannot find anything that states what channels I will get or if I need to have a cable subscription for this?

#2 and give a pretty good listing of which OTA channels you can receive at your address.


Are these stations the only ones I can get?


If you don't want a cable subscription, you are basically limited by which channels are broadcast OTA in your area. Depending upon where your broadcast towers are, you may have more difficulty than others in receiving OTA broadcasts. (Personally, I am about 60 miles from the nearest broadcast towers in the shadow of foothills, meaning I need a higher-powered mast antenna if I want to receive OTA channels.)

Otherwise, you would need to look at a cable package from your local provider. SiliconDust does offer some premium channels than can integrate with Channels. But, with regards to broadcast OTA: yes, you are essentially limited by what is broadcast in your area.


See for what's available in addition to local channels for $35/mo


i think a little more clarity is in order to the answers already provided. Channels, it's various platform apps and features, is NOT a content provider like ATT, Comcast, Hulu, Youtube, etc. Channels can only give you access to what you specifically connect to it. additionally it requires the purchase of 3rd party hardware that Channels app(s) then access. depending on which piece of 3rd party hardware you choose to use, If you connect your cable from your cable subscription to that 3rd party hardware, then you can watch your cable channels, if you attach an areal antenna to the 3rd party hardware, then you'll only get antenna channels.