New user, need help


Hi everyone,

New user here from the UK and need some help.

I have my AppleTV hard wired to my Router and running channels DVR.

I've tuned and re-tuned but each time it gives me different channels. Sometime I even pick up French channels which I hide but I can't get basic ones like bbc1 in SD, only HD.

On top of that, the AppleTV app never seems to connect to my server properly. It searches and doesn't find anything.

On my iPhone it's giving me better results and connects more times and even allows me to control the AppleTV version but then meta data is missing.

Any advice?


What device are you running your DVR on? The issues could lie there.


I'm running on a MacBook Air from 2015.

If I got rid of the DVR functionality and just bought the regular AppleTV App, could I still have the same issue, or does it bypass needing a computer?


The app without DVR would connect directly to the HDHR. Is the HDHR also hardwired to the router?


Yes it's hard wired. It has to be doesn't it?

My AppleTV is hardwired


Yes it has to be wired initially but sometimes people are using wireless bridges or additional switches or other things that have to be factored in. It would probably be good to see what your DVR log says. Do you see errors there?


Maybe your Macbook Air is going to sleep? Is it plugged in, and hard wired to ethernet? We highly recommend ethernet connection for DVR machines.

For channel scan issues, you can try doing a scan via directly and you would need to contact [email protected] if its not picking up certain channels for help with the hardware.