New user - No Autoplay?

I did a search for "Autoplay" and found a 2 year old thread. It looks like it was discussed, but no indication of whether it was added or not. Has it ever been added?

I realize a lot of people don't like such a feature, so, of course it'd have to be configurable for on/off and maybe with a few other variables (like how long a gap between autoplaying the next episode and how long to continue).

What is the current status of this? It's a major issue for me and, from what I saw, for some others. Some people work best with noise in the background. (I'm one of them.) Being able to leave one show on with something like autoplay makes it easy for me to have background noise without interruption because it's all the same voices while it's playing.

There is currently no "autoplay" support of any sort.

Thank you.

if you need something on in the background without having to touch anything, live tv will "autoplay" continuously until you shut it off. This works through the Channels app.

Thanks, but the issue is that I "tune" in on whatever is playing. I don't know if it's the voices, the background noises, or theme songs or what, but if I have, say, "Gilligan's Island" on and it switches to, say, "George Burns and Gracie Allen," I know it and end up pausing for a while until I get a sense of what's on now. (Notice I'm using old shows - stuff I saw in endless reruns as a kid. That's also part of it and part of why it can so easily be just background noise to me.)

Personally I would like the ability to autoplay for my kid. Example: I record all of his PBS shows that he likes to watch and this weeks favorite is Curious George. I would like the ability to put Curious George on with the Channels app and it continuously go until it reaches the end of the season and/or runs out of shows to playback. That way he doesn't have to bug me :slight_smile:

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Autoplay for a series would be nice. If a pop up would pop up a set amount of time before the end of the recording, it would be nice.

This now exists (on Apple TV):

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