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Hi Everyone,
I am sorry if I sound like a doddering old fool so I apologize in advance for that.

I am trying to put the channels dvr app on my Nvidia Shield because I do not want to use my PC for anything DVR related because then it will have to be on all the time.

Anytime I launch the Channels DVR app on my Nvidia Shield all it does is pop up with a screen telling me to go to

Do you have to use a PC for this to work? If so then I am sorry but I am out.

Nvidia Shield TV (16gb) with 4TB usb drive set up as internal
HomeRun Quatro

I am confused, thought the DVR app would install fully to the Nvidia without need for a PC to run 24/7.

Thank You in advance for help on what to do.


Launch the "DVR server" app on your shield and then use the url shown there to configure the DVR using a browser on a phone or computer


As tmm1 said, you need the DVR Server app.

I just wanted to chime in as another user on this because I have the DVR running on my Shield for the past 2 weeks and it's running like a champ!

I think the Get Channels DVR app (that only says DVR, not Server) is to be used to view your live tv and recordings if you are a DVR subscriber.


Thank You to both of you. I have now got the server installed and it went through all the steps like downloading the guide info and stuff like that and I am subscribed.
Now I have "hidden" the Server app and the regular channels app.
I added the Channels DVR app to favorites on the Nvidia Shield TV.

It is looking good except for two things now.

There is zero program information for WATE (our local ABC channel). It is just one long blank. That is a huge problem as that is the channel that General Hospital is on. With nothing but a huge blank I will not be able to record it Huge problem because wifey will rip me apart. lol

Second problem is I can not figure out how to edit the "Favorites" channels that get displayed. If I highlite "Favorites" I get nothing in the guide except for the base channels, no sub channels at all. (Laff TV, MeTV, Bounce, and so on) If I switch it to "All" everything is there, but, even the stuff I don't want such as QVC, HSN, and things like that. So where is the "Favorites" edited?

If both these are solved and I can record series for new airings only, skip commercials, and so on I will be one happy camper and life will be spared by wife. :slight_smile:

I have not tested the DVR function yet.

Thank You in advance.


Go to the DVR web UI and click the circle refresh icon under your HDHR

In the settings section of the app go to Tuner and on the right side of your HDHR you can click on channels to favorite them and click them twice to hide them completely


At risk of sounding like a total moron where is the DVR Web UI?

Okay I went to Tuner in settings and clicked right and it showed the channels. HD Channels is in bold white lettering so I guess it is for some reason only picking out the main HD part of the stations broadcast and not any subchannels. Ugh... getting a headache and I am sure that you are getting a pain in the rear from this.

UPDATE: found the web UI. I remembered it was on the PC and found the circle and it is currently redownloading the guide info. Thank You. Hope it works.

Still fumbling around trying to make all sub channels be found for favorites.


In the channel list the HD channels are at the top, then the SD channels are below.

You can also favorite on the web UI by clicking the "xxx channels" link under your HDHR


Even in the Web UI the Favs can not be added to. It says HD Channels and no way to edit it. No where do I have HD Channels picked, I have only changed from ALL and Favorites. Seems like the Channels wants to make me watch nothing but HD in favorites. lol Oh well, that is a minor bug as I can just leave it on all. We don't really have that much to scroll through where I am anyway.

Now as to the guide. That is a major problem. After redownloding the guide info WATE (ABC) is still a total blank. What is odd is that I do have the guide info for the sub channels.

6.1 WATE BLANK, nothing, nadda, zilch
6.2 get TV is fine
6.3 laff is fine
6.4 COZI tv is fine

That is a major problem. Not for me, but for wife, who will make it a major problem for me. :frowning:


YES!!! The Guide info has filled in for the main ABC channel!

I was in here at my pc creating season passes (LOVE that search feature in the web ui) The wife watches a lot of shows so I thought it would be a bigger head ache than what it turned out to be. :slight_smile: So, problem solved!

Now for what is I hope my final question.

I see on the TV UI what is in Scheduled and also Passes. (same thing for us) Where will they be located on the TV UI once something is recorded?

Thank You all so much for the help.


Yes all your recordings will be on the TV as well


You can favorite also on


Book marked it earlier. This forum has been great. Now only problem is with reception of CBS. Never had a problem until they rolled out CBS All Access, then their signal suddenly dropped off. I think they cut the output power because they are on the same ridge that all the other channels are located and I have zero problem bringing those in. :frowning:

I am happy with this app though.

Thanks for all the help! :slight_smile:


New user, it sounds like you have resolved most of your issues. Here's what I did several weeks ago:
I planned to have at least 2 Nvidia shields going (in separate rooms), so I added a network attached (NAS) external storage to my router and mounted the storage on both Shields. My NAS is a Netgear-212. I noticed that it has two factory installed apps on it, one of which is Plex server that I don't use. I downloaded the Channels DVR server app onto the NAS and run it there, and created a ChannelsDVR share (folder). I have the Channels TV app running on both my Nvidia Shields. On my browser, the local Channels DVR link: 192.168.0.XX:8089/admin/settings, Basic setup, DVR: I browsed to the NAS share I created for the DVR and linked it. So far it is working fine, and I have access to recordings from either Shield. I have a little jitter on football motion replays even though all of my ethernet is hardwired with Cat 6 gigabit wire & connections. I think I saw some jitter settings in one of the Nvidia menus I may experiment with. Hope this helps other wirecutters. I welcome suggestions to improve my setup.