Newbie Comment and Question


The question first: Maybe I'm missing it but I have not been able to find instructions on a simple way to fast forward thru the commercials. I primarily use the Apple TV controller app on my iPhone which is infinitely better than the awful remote that comes with it. I would be willing to purchase an inexpensive controller if that were the only way to accomplish this.

Now the comment: I have been absolutely amazed at how simple this whole thing has been to set up. I already had my iMac and Apple TV connected to my network by ethernet and had tons of storage available on my iMac. I bought an antenna and the Homerun Quattro refurbished from Silicon Dust directly ( same price as a new Duo ) and plugged it into the ethernet connector by myTV, subscribed to Channels DVR and everything just worked. Could not believe it. I am discontinuing my Direct TV this week and might subscribe to Sling. Couldn't be happier!


Using the controller app you can double-tap on the +30s seek icon to skip to the end of the commercial.

You can also use any IR remote with the Apple TV by going into the remote settings and learning it, and then you will have a dedicated commercial skip button.


Before you subscribe to Sling have a look at the premium channels bundle from These integrate directly in to Channels and the commercial marking works. Mine is integrated with my over the air channels and I have almost aii the channels that I had with Spectrum and no DRM.


Thanks, it works like a charm!


Hi, I have looked at both and unless I am misreading it I would have to spend $70 a month to get Silicon Premium and DVR service and it doesn't have Nick, a must in my house. With Sling Blue plus the Kids add-on and their DVR service I can get everything I need for $35 a month. It won't be as convenient as doing it through Silicon Dust and there are some restrictions on the DVR service but, unless I misunderstand their pricing, it will be half the cost. The nice thing is that I can change my mind without penalty if I decide I'd rather do Silicon Premium!

Thanks for responding. It's great to have a forum where people actually take the time to help.



Premium TV is $35/month

SD DVR is $35/year, and not required if you're using Channels DVR.


Thanks for the clarification.



Hi, I just signed up for HomeRun Premium and I can get the channels going directly through the HD HomeRun app but they are still showing up as demo channels and. are not accessible in my ChannelsDVR app. Is thee something I have to do to activate them in the ChannelsDVR app?



On the DVR web UI, where the HDHRs are shown click the gear dropdown and select Scan Network.

Then restart the app or device where Channels client is running.


Thanks, I think I spoke too quickly. I thought the SD Premium Channels were activated. In fact they're not. I have gone through all of the steps but it is still not registering that I have purchased the product.


Did you click the link in your activation email and then reboot your HDHR? On under channel list it should not say "Demo" anymore.


Sorry for the monstrous delay in getting back. Everything is working now.


I've only been using Channels for 24 hours or so, and for the most part I am incredibly impressed. One area I'm having issues with is commercial skipping on my Apple TV. I double tap the Right button and it overshoots every time, and havde to skip back a few times to find the end of the commercials. So far I've only tried it on one recording (SNL last night), but the spouse reaction was not favorable. We've had TiVos for close to 19 years. Is there anything I can do to increase accuracy?


Commercial indexing is done with software and won’t be 100% accurate.

As background, Tivo actually has humans watch to determine where commercial breaks are. That’s why their commercial skip is limited to major network (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) prime time (8-12:30) television.



I'm using MCEBuddy with Comskip - same as everyone else's, but I'm also using a 'Custom' Comskip INI file (one of many user provided 'Custom' files), that gets close to 95% accuracy, depending on channel and material. It's more accurate than the stock INI file, but still misses occasionally.

That's about the best anyone can hope for - at this time.

When I want accuracy for something permanent - I do like the TIVO guys and hand edit manually. With VideoReDo and my eyeballs all the guesswork is eliminated.


Thanks for the replies. It looks like MCEBuddy is out for me. I'm on a Mac.


Which INI are you using?


Comcast USA

I played with several and that was the one that worked the best for me. When we had Discovery (ahem) it was basically spot on. It works well enough that I'm not looking for something better, or thinking about tweeking it.


Just did a quick test using Plex's DVR and had it remove commercials. It worked perfectly. Obviously, Channels is superior for watching live programming. Worse case scenario: I use Plex's DVR and Channels for Live TV.


Plex's Comskip is the same Comskip everyone else uses, but Plex may be doing some tweeking behind the scenes (as I suspect @tmm1 is about to do).

There is no magic bullet here tho. No one INI or tweek is going to work for every channel, all programming, ect. Let one station toss a slam-cut into the mix (happens all the time) and all bets are off. The automated process of ad removal is, at best, adequate, but not infallible.

You have the right idea however - find something that works for you with the least amount of pain and suffering and go with it.

When you become a Plex Veteran you'll notice your ability to invent and use complex work-arounds on the fly has become one of the things you are really good at. You'll amaze your friends and family.