Newbie HDHomeRun FLEX DUO USB HDD Question

I just got a HDHomeRun FLEX DUO and attached a USB HDD to the port. Can this setup be used by Channels DVR, or do I need to have a separate NAS/Channels Server setup?

I want to use the channels app, but I only need a small amount of storage for a show or two (primarily recent sports events) so I bought a small cheap USB drive. I was hoping to not go through a more complicated setup since my needs are simple.

Thank you!

No. Only SiliconDust's DVR software can make use of hard drives built-in/attached to their tuners. A separate device to run the DVR software is required.

If you are only going to do very little recording why not use the HDHomeRun DVR ? or do you require remote access ? With Channels DVR you are going to have to setup a server.

Primarily due to the interface and responsiveness. I've heard Channels is the gold standard (still have to do some evaluation). I very well may use the SiliconDust DVR for my rare recordings and the $25 channels app for live TV.

Have you considered using a raspberry pi 4? You may even be able to use the usb drive you already have. Like $40 for a server