Newbie Q: Can I set it to record web based ESPN, TNT at specific times?

I currently have Playon and love it, but it doesn't record "live TV". I'm looking to record web based sporting events (e.g. NBA). Can this software record games aired on ESPN and TNT (I have subscriptions) - e.g. record ESPN at 8pm - 10:30pm Sunday? Ditto for TNT

Yes, but not easily.

thanks for the honest answer.

Is TNT also difficult to schedule timed recordings?

If the games are in the guide, you can record them and add pre and post padding to the recordings, but if you want to record 8:00pm - 10:30pm no matter what the guide data says, then racameron is correct.
The only other way to do it is pick something showing in the guide between 8pm & 10:30pm and add pre and/or post padding so it records from 8-10:30

thx. If using the guide, are there any difficulties with ESPN or TNT?

Nope. And the passes are pretty advanced, so you can set a pass that will record all NBA games, etc.

This is the most basic thing this software does, and what Channels DVR is designed to do. It would be like someone asking if a DVR or a TiVo can record shows...

thanks, was more concerned with ESPN (as other software I have has problems recording that "channel" / website)

Please confirm that it records web streams (thus my Q about ESPN). And if I don't need to record local TV, I don't need an HD Homerun tuner


Yes, it can record all channels available via TVE on the channel’s own website. So, if you can login using your credentials on and watch the live stations it should work in channels. You’re also correct that you don’t have to have a HDHR. You can use only TVE sources if you want.

I highly recommend reading all you can on how the TVE integration works. The channels you get can vary significantly from provider to provider. However, testing on the channels you are concerned with as described above is a good way to confirm.

You have to have valid TVE (TV Everywhere) access to the two channels in order to watch or record them through Channels DVR. That would mean you are subscribing to cable or a live streaming provider that has those channels, AND provides TVE access to them. has a table that lists which Live streaming provide TVE access for different channels. Note that NONE of them provide TVE access to TNT and some provide access to ESPN. Support from cable companies may be better. That is all you need, but the way you keep saying "web" in describing your situation, its not clear you have subscribed to a provider that would give you the credentials.

I have Altice One (in Rockland County NY), which gives access to watch the shows via the web when I'm not home (e.g. by logging into, TNT and giving my Altice One credentials.) I'm looking to not need their DVR and have a PC based solution to record

We have a free trial so you can try it out and see how it works.

thanks, I signed up and giving it a spin now.

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thanks, I signed up and it was exactly what I was looking for (albeit a bit expensive).