Newbie q's for Channels Apple TV

I've a couple of operational questions:

  • With 2 HDHR Primes, how do you do favorites? Do you have to set the favorites in the Apple TV app settings for both? Redundantly?
  • There's a way to set favorites in the Web UI. But that doesn't appear to set favorites for the Apple TV app. Does the Web setting not set favorites or disabled channels for the apps? Seems to require a lot of extra effort, especially if you have more than one Apple TV app (different rooms).

Is there documentation that covers stuff like the above? Thanks.

Favorites is a bit of a hot mess across the system right now, and the developers have said that it’s in the plan for a redesign of it soon.

I believe setting upstream in HDHR or Web UI just initially sets it in the Apple TV client but after the initial tone each client is on it’s on. What I did was do one, and then write it down and went and matched the others.

One trick you can do until this is revamped is to set the favorites you want on the server, then on the Apple TV, delete the app and re-download it. The favorites are pulled from the server on the very first launch of the Apple TV app, I believe.

I don’t have an Apple TV, but there is a feature on the Fire Stick version that appears to address this situation. Hopefully it exists for Apple TV as well? If you go under Settings, then Manage Sources, then click on your HDHR, is there an option for “Sync Favorites/Hidden”?

I use an HDHR Quatro, so not really the same setup, but using this feature as described above, there are choices for Import from Source and Export to Source. I played around with it a couple of days ago, and it worked for me as expected. I was able to make channel lineup favorite changes from the Fire Stick app, and then push them back to the HDHR, and I verified via the HDHR webpage that indeed my changes were pushed over correctly.

If this option appears for you, you should be able to set up one device as you desire, and then push it back to the HDHR, and then again pull the settings from the HDHR back to another device, and keep repeating that as many times as needed.

This is not part of the Apple TV app.

Thanks for all the ideas!