Newbie Questions

I'm sure that there are many similar posts, but I really could use some help on what I am trying to do.

Simply put, I would like to take my FUBOTV subscription AND ATT Now subscriptions & put them together in one simple guide to search & record programs. We would plan to view our Channels Guides through Apple TV & Roku Devices within our home (basically I am replacing Cable on multiple TV's saving the box costs & getting as many channels, while still saving $$)

This is what I understand is the process (so far)

  1. Purchase an HDHomeRun (Going to purchase the Quatro 4 channel tuner)
  2. Sign up for Channels Plus & TV Everywhere

Ok, here come the questions.

  1. Will I be able to get my local stations through Channels? Note I don't want to mount an antenna, but because they stream through my paid streaming services, do I still get them ?
  2. Will I be able to watch different items on mutliple TV's at once (since I plan to purchase the Quatro Stream HomeRun)?
  3. Is the amount of TV's streamable at once limited (since ATT Now limits to 2 concurrent streams?)

Wave # 2 of questions regarding DVR service

  1. I'm OK with the $80.00 per year for Channels Plus, but How to I create a DVR ??

Sorry to all users of the forums, but things are not that straight forward.... I love to concept but could really use some step by step help here!!

Thanks & Happy 2020!

The HDHomeRun is only required if you plan to use an antenna. An antenna will let you access many local channels depending on your location. You can put your address on to see what channels are available and what kind of antenna you need.

If you don't plan to use an antenna, there is no need to buy a hdhomerun.

To setup the DVR, you need a PC or NAS that is connected to your home router and is always turned on. You would install the Channels DVR software from on that device, then set it up using your ATT NOW and Fubo logins.

It will depend what cable channels you can access with your login. Some users are reporting that Fubo is broken at the moment. And ATTNOW will give you access to many cable channels, but some may not be available. For local stations, only NBC is available in most locations but if you're in a major metro you might be able to stream ABC and FOX as well. Or you can sign up for Locast if that's in your area and stream all your local channels using that.