Newest Beta Version Lacks Video

I would have posted this in the Beta Community, but I can't use the "New Topic" button there.

I just today (3/5/2020) used Testflight and downloaded the new beta of Channels. I returned to the top menu on Apple TV, then let it sit while doing something else. When I got back to it, and turned on the Apple TV by pressing the TV button (or whatever it's called - "Home Button?"), the beta version was selected and, above it, I saw the choices of what was playing now on my favorite channels. I picked a show and clicked on it.

Instead of going to the show, it went to the Playing Now screen. I picked the same show again. I got audio, but no video.

I tried going through the Guide. Still no video, audio only. And the audio continues while I have the guide or Playing Now screens up. I went to Recordings - well, the new layout is not my favorite, but since "Library" has what we used to have, I'm okay with that. So I went into the Library and picked a show and started playing it.

Again, sound, but no video. And even after I returned to the Library screen, the sound continued, only stopping when I exited out of the beta version of Channels.

The new menu, that comes up on the left side of the screen, instead of the top, is fine and easy to use. My big issue is the obvious: No video.

Now I'm off to see if I can figure out how to drop back to the previous version on Testflight.

Last night this was a problem with Version 2020 (3.5.2100). I rolled back to Version 2020 (3.5.2001) and it worked. This morning I got up and went to Channels, still on 3.5.2001, and the same thing happened. I got only audio. Plus it took a few attempts to get it to do anything. I had to pick the same thing from Now Playing a few times before I got the next screen (where I pick whether to watch a recording or watch live).

Went back and installed 2020 (3.5.2001) and had the same problem. I've had various display problems with Apple TV in the past, such as glitchiness that disappears, so I restarted my Apple TV and the problem still existed.

I got video with Version 2020 (3.4.517). But, remember, from my first post, on my first try with 3.5.2001, it worked.

I don't have time, at the moment, to keep going back through and check each version, but I can do that later.

Thanks guys. The issue with playing something from the Top Shelf is a known bug. When it happens, be sure to force quit and reopen Channels to fix the video player.

I was thinking that might be it - that a version works okay until I try to watch something from the Top Shelf, but that would take time to test.

For the record, I don't have that problem with the production version.

Also, is this the right place to post an issue like this? I would think it should go under Beta Community, but, in the future, I'll post it wherever you want me to.