Newly enabled channel does not show in Guide

I enabled and favorited a channel in the server settings page for my HDHR Connect that was previously disabled. It will not show in the Guide for Android TV even when restarting the server and Android TV device? This is when displaying All Channels or Favorites in the Guide.

Is there guide data in the dvr web UI?

Do you have multiple versions of that channel? It may be getting combined on the guide.

Yes, it shows fine in the web UI with guide data.

Is it enabled on your client device, too?

I'm not sure - I will check. It seems strange that I would have to enable it on every client device individually?

Sometimes that they way it works, unfortunately. I had a couple firesticks recently where I tried to sync stations back to the server. One of them worked, the other didn't and I had to do it manually, in the firestick client.

I manually enabled the channel on my clients and it shows up now. Are you supposed to do a "Sync from source" every time you add a channel? I don't really understand why this is specific to each client and not global. Could this not lead to a situation where you have a channel enabled in a client and not on the server? Can it still record in this case?

No, the recordings follow the server settings. If you disable a channel in the server it will not be available for recordings.