Next Up Shelf Won’t Go Away

On Apple TV set the show Next Up on Top Shelf and it still shows?

It shows live tv when you turn it off.

Mine keeps showing the up next. Argh

Try rebooting the Apple TV

Rebooted AppleTv and they still show up on the Top Shelf. Happens on multiple Apple TV’s in my home.

Why would you like the top shelf to display? Up Next DVR Content
Live Show Tiles


Just to be clear - the live tv tiles only show a picture of the show, not an actual video preview. Not sure if that was what you were looking for it to do.

You’re saying that your tiles only show “Up Next”?

Can you try to favorite a few channels and see if that makes a difference?

I am referring to the recording tab. On the top is Up Next and below is all the recordings. I am trying to remove the Up Next and just show the recordings.

I don’t believe that’s possible on the current Public release. I think it may be possible with the new major version of the app that is being developed and is currently in beta (4.0).

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Saw this in another thread — it’s possible to stop individual programs from ever showing up in Up Next. This is in Shows > [show] > [More, if you’re looking at an individual episodes] > gear button > Show Settings > Include in Up Next.

I wish I had known about this option months ago — it solves a lot of my issues with Up Next as I can leave it for those programs (e.g. news programs) where it makes sense.

Would be good if this was a pre-set or default somewhere, Having to go into each recording is not the best.