NFL Network stream does not open and recordings fail using FuboTV subscription

I have latest Pre-Release version of Channels DVR. I tried removing and re-adding FuboTV as a TVE source.

But I still receive errors when trying to view or record any show on NFL Network. I confirmed that I can view and record NFL Network content from the FuboTV web client and thru FuboTV app.

Logs show:
2022/09/23 13:08:31.939968 [TNR] Error during live stream for ch6192 NFL: Failed to download file: Unknown encryption method: SAMPLE-AES

Thanks for any suggestions.

Im also having a problem with nfl network, worked last week but i had a similar message on last nights attempted recording. When I try to connect now all I get is a reconnecting message but no actual connection. Hopefully NFL isn't messing with this feature.

This is a bit strange then. I have FuboTV and NFL Network is working for me.

I have this same problem with Hulu Live as my provider on AppleTV4. Running version I have tried all suggestions reloading/rescanning/etc without any success. Downloaded the NFL app and it won't open either. I run Pihole on my network which is often the source of strange problems, but logs don't show it blocking anything. Same error as mentioned above: Unknown encryption method: SAMPLE-AES

I was able to record the replay of the first Thursday night game, but it failed when I tried to record the game early this Friday AM. So the problem just started in the last week.

The fix is to update your dvr.

Thanks... updated to the prerelease and rescanned the channel and it is working now.

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