NFL Recording Gone Awry



  • It should record both 1pm games, it's only recording the CBS game.
  • Screenshot attached from client, Shield Pro shows the color coding is off, as it is actually recording the CBS game and not recording the FOX game.

I couldn't start a manual recording of the FOX game because it only gave me options from the client pertaining to the PASS. (screen of that also)

Oh yea, server is Win10 always fully updated, latest Channels DVR beta unless it updated in the last 90 minutes.

Client is Nvidia Shield Pro 2019, latest beta also.

Also, the series pass does see the game, says queued. Oddly, the game it is recording above it says "recorded" instead of "recording"?

This exact thing happened to me today. Thought it was just me!

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Thumbs up because somehow, I feel better that it wasn't something wrong here.

I'm curious what happened with your 4:30pm game recording? I had a bit of an oddity that I can't seem to find a reason for in the logs. Based upon my preferences, CBS recordings work in this preference order:


However, for some reason, the 4:30pm game recorded on 4.1 instead of 12.1. And it wasn't like 12.1 wasn't working; it was still recording the 1:00pm game (while I was watching it in delay), and I have tuner sharing enabled. Even if I didn't, the other three tuners were all free. Like I said, the logs--from what I can see--aren't showing any reason. At some point, it just decided it was going with 4.1 and stuck with it. The only thing I can think happen is that when I originally scheduled it (manually), it was only available on 4.1 and when the guide schedule updated, Channels did not?

Log snippet from time of recording start?

My 430 game started and recorded as it was scheduled. The early games thing was so odd I didn't know what to make of it. I never could get the Fox game to record, even manually. No loss, it did record the best game despite what my screens say.

Don't know if this is related - sometimes I wish to record the same game from multiple channels (local and national) at the same time, but Channels will only let me record one of them, saying it's "Recording" on all channels its listed on.

This is true when using a pass. Manually selecting it from the guide to create a one-off recording will allow the same program to be recorded on multiple channels at the same time.

Sunday's 1pm game at Buffalo was postponed until Monday Afternoon. Looks like the guide provider picked it up because I did a full refresh and it appears kosher. "Fetch Guide Update" didn't show the change.

They didn't waste any time, I'm happy to say.