NFL Redzone Not Activating

Here's the error message I'm getting this morning trying to activate the channel.

anvato: unexpected

@tmm1 Could you look at this at your earliest convenience?

Getting the same error. Using fuboTV

I should have added, I'm using Youtube TV. I am able to stream through the app

Same. And after channel rescan, NFL Network is no longer there. FuboTV

I was able to log into the website as well with my credentials and I could stream both NFL Network and Redzone.

Hopefully this can be addressed asap.

Same issue here with same error, attempting RedZone auth with Spectrum.

Earlier error (~20 minutes ago) was different:

Post "": context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

Please submit diagnostics




not sure you if you need more


Click and hold the check for update button


Working for me now. Thanks for the quick work.

NFL Redzone now works but NFL Network is not scanning.

Try it a few times. Everything worked fine for me on my pc server the first time. I then tested it on a server running on a Shield. I lost NFL Network, then I got it back, but it was only showing in Edit Mode. It didn't show up in the screen where you select favorite or hide it.

It took about 4 tries but eventually I got both Redzone and NFL Network back (at the same time).

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Had issue with Redzone on Sunday. Having issue with NFL today.


Any of you guys using the streaming only college version of Redzone and get it to work?