NFL Redzone not playing on frontier


I'm having problems playing nfl redzone with my frontier log in. I moved my server over to my intel nuc and everything is running perfectly however this morning when i tried to watch redzone i got the error below. all of my other channels are currently working as far as i know. also i have rescanned all my tve channels to make sure everything was working. i dont know if the redzone channel is just down. if anyone can let me know anything. i would appreciate it.

-daniel*~hmac=9AB37420044AFAD6C8C41F13631177EBF50DCFDD571931C4186EC0C85F18C577&mvpd=frontier_auth-gateway_net&sid=e0fd2000-d4b3-3de4-0f9f-3c717f000001&nltid=nflno&nltdt=0&nltnt=1: 404 Not Found