*NIB* nVidia Shield Pro 2019 & 1TB SSD Hard Drive

I purchased this combo when I thought I was having issues with my original Shield and HDD. It is brand new in box and never opened. It is even still enclosed in the sealed shipping packaging if you'd like it shipped to you that way.

I can still return it to Best Buy, but I happened to notice that the new 2019 Shields are all sold out everywhere and have been for weeks, so they must be in high demand I guess. Seeing this, I thought it would be better to try to sell them to maybe someone here who has been fruitlessly looking for one to use as either a Channels DVR Client or even better a DVR server!



I am selling the package to use as a Channels DVR server (Shield & SSD HDD) for $375, just the nVidia Shield Pro 2019 for $275 or just the Seagate 1TB Solid State USB HDD for $140. Also feel free to make your best, reasonable offer, but remember I can just return them to BB if I only want to recoup my costs.

Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:

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OK I am willing to sell the package above for exactly what I paid for it at Best Buy, so it'll be the same as if you bought it there, but you can't because it's been sold out everywhere for many weeks! I can use the cash to get something else I am looking at for my theater, which can't be bought, especially at the price I can get it for, at BB.

I have until 4/12/2020 to return this to BB, so if interested please respond ASAP!

OK I am returning this to Best Buy now. If you want one, maybe check online in a couple days and maybe this one will show up as open box (even though I never opened it). Thanks for anyone who looked and may have been interested!

Really How? Curious.
B.B has only 14 day return policy normally.
Second, the news stated that stores that are open are NOT accepting any returns, not until a much later time after the pandemic law are lifted.
B.B website state that the stores that are "open"are only doing "contact less" curbside pickup of online ordered items only, store is closed to public for browsing and all other services.
Good Luck.

I’m an Elite member so got 45 days to return.

I have no stores here in Hawaii that I can drive to. The only two in the state are on Oahu and I live on the Big Island known actually as “Hawaii”. I couldn’t return to a store even if I wanted to unless I happened to be going to Oahu, which as we all know I can’t now.

When I posted that I was returning the gear it was with the intention of doing it via online. The last time I logged in it said I had until April 12. This time for some reason the Shield said it was now past the return window which for some reason says closed April 10!

I tried doing the return for the HDD, but then I kept getting an error message saying I had to return it in store when I tried printing the return label. As I said I can’t do that, and now I also can’t do it online via shipping either. I tried calling and chatting but that was an effort in futility. It gave me the runaround to a zillion different menus then it finally said it was too late and to contact them tomorrow. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I had not heard of any of the restrictions you mention. I didn’t see any of that on their main website, but may have missed it. I do know for a fact there was absolutely no notice about what you’re saying about returns while I was logged into my account and trying to process my return, that’s for sure!

Anywho, the stuff is still available if any last minute shoppers are interested! :blush:

O...Hawaii....well idk then. That is the way things are here on the mainland. I've been to my local store and BB sent out emails of the changes they made several weeks ago and are continuously updating them. The link to thier covid19 page was in the email. I rarely shop there though... Microcenter far better store and is 30 day return for everyone.

Sorry to hear you missed your return window.
You could try selling them on eBay or Amazon or those social media like selling apps or craigslist.
But I would think those are items that people can't really spare money on at the moment. But who knows. Good luck to you.

I didn’t read the emails. I always knew my only option was online and I knew they were still selling online, so I guess I assumed they would also accept online returns. From all accounts before I actually started the return process it appeared I could. :unamused:

As you said earlier, I think I’ll be able to return it after this is Coronavirus mess is all cleared up anyway, unless someone buys it beforehand.