No AirPlay on iPad 14.7?

I subscribed again to Channels for Olympics, downloaded the app, it has access to local network. I have two Apple TV’s and I don’t see Airplay button on video, only Picture in Picture.
Using Airplay button from control Center transmits only audio to Apple TV

Channels does not support airplay.

Why not install the AppleTV app directly on the AppleTVs and access the content that way?

Because if you Airplay to Apple TV you may put that content in Picture in Picture and watch another video on Apple TV. Witch channels on ATV it’s not possible as only one video can be played. When I tried to watch simultaneously two videos on Canal+ not to mention multi view on ESPN PIP in channels stutters or crash.

In these times when people has lot of Airplay speakers that’s glaring omission

@maddox since when? I remember using it rarely. If you removed that I certainly don’t extend subscription. Now I understand why so many problems with Sonos :frowning:

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Channels uses a custom video player and has never supported airplay. Your memory is incorrect.

That's not what the OP is talking about. Airplay video never worked.

Huh? What does this have to do with Sonos? I use Sonos (including AirPlaying audio) and AppleTV and Channels DVR, and everything works very well together :thinking:

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I am able to watch a recording playing back on my iPhone by using screen mirroring. Using a Roku as the AirPlay device with video/audio on my TV. iOS 16.3.1, Channels DVR app 5.5.11