No audio on a single channel

Using Channels on an AppleTV 4K and my HD HomeRun tuner (the one with the built-in hardware decoder). It works great however recently a single channel (CBS 6.1) does not have audio. All other channels work just fine. I've tried the Experimental Audio driver and it doesn't work. The issue happens on another AppleTV but it does not happen under the iOS app on my iPhone.

Does it work if you change Settings > Playback > Advanced > Surround Sound: Off

Yes it does, but the audio is a bit choppy. I also found just now that if I go into the AppleTV --> Video and Audio --> Audio Format --> Stereo also works.

Can you explain how this fixes it?

There is a bug. We're working on a fix.

Good to hear a fix is in the works. I think this is the same issue I’m experiencing, the single channel has sound when set to stereo but not surround sound. Issue only occurred immediately after I played with PIP for the first time?