No Closed Captions Apple Tv 4K


I have a brand new Apple Tv 4k with a brand new Channels DVR installation and closed refuses to be displayed with Captions turned on in the ATV settings All other apps capable of CC work - no problems
When I choose a channel that has CC shown in the guide there are no captions - When I swipe down "English" is greyed out- Why is this not working???????

I also have an AppleTv 4 as well - same problem - did not use until after recent purchase of Channels DVR

I have no issues with my FireCube - works as intended. Its not my HDHomeRun which is running the latest firmware and software.

I have attached screenshots of the settings


Try setting Transcoding to Software on DVR


And in general if you are streaming while at home you will want to use original quality so that there is no transcoding unless you have a compelling reason to do otherwise.


Not sure transcoding has anything to do with CC on my network . Everything is run on a wired network connection. Any other suggestions?


Can you screenshot what the Language tab in the player shows when you swipe down?


Language is not select-able and always greyed out. The only actions that are available are swiping the lineup and pressing record - that's it.

On the Apple TV I changed the language from Default to English also changed the Subtitle language from Auto to English as well. Turned off the Apple TV, returned to Channels - nothing changes - reverted and nothing.


The Apple TV settings do not affect the Channels app.

To turn on captions you have to go the Language tab in the app and select CC.

Can you make a video showing the tab not working? What version of tvOS is installed?


Not able to upload video here and I don't have cloud storage.

When swiping there are only 2 options and cannot select the Language tab

tvOS 12.3 (16M153)


Did you try swiping up to move from the image to the tab bar? This is very strange as we are using standard tvOS UI components..


When swiping up the Quick Guide disappears and returns to the current channel.


I will reset everything and try again later.