No commercial skip options during playback

Hi all. I'm new to Channels, thanks for having me. I have the server installed on a Windows 10 box. Settings on the server has Commercial Detection enabled with a 1 thread count. I've recorded 2 test shows from my local networks with TV Everywhere through Xfinity. My clients (web app, Android phone app and Android Shield) all have commercial skip enabled with Skip button (I've tried manual as well) and there doesn't seem to be any indication that I can skip the commercials. I've restarted the server and the clients, but still nothing. Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong? Edited to say that I'm in trial month with Channels if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance.

You can check the logs by going to the server web ui-settings-support-logs. You can check there to see if detection ran and completed. It will look like this. Verify it finished with markers

2022/06/07 23:40:25.794179 [DVR] Running commercial detection on file 2274 (TV/LIVE Toronto Blue Jays @ Kansas City Royals/LIVE Toronto Blue Jays @ Kansas City Royals 2022-06-07-1910.mpg)

2022/06/07 23:51:04.737879 [DVR] Commercial detection for LIVE Toronto Blue Jays @ Kansas City Royals 2022-06-07-1910.mpg finished with 4 markers in 10m38.943940917s (4 threads).

This is what marked commercials look like on the info bar on the shield tv when a show is paused

Thank you for your reply. Strangely enough, I had the issue with just my first 2 recordings. Things I've recorded since then have the commercial skip on the recording. Thanks again