No Guide Data after migrating DVR from Mac to NAS

I successfully migrated my DVR server from my Mac Mini to a Synology DS1019+ NAS. Live TV works, accessing recordings works. But there is no guide data appearing, and no amount of clicking/choosing on the Setting tab in the Guide section will get it to refresh the guide. Some of the options "respond" to my clicks, but after it goes back to "idle" it still shows "1 Line up" "0 shows" and "0 Listings"


Is the correct guide data assigned to the HDHR? What kind of HDHR is it?

You can try clicking the circle icon under your HDHomeRun

i have two HDHR Primes. both are showing up in the Source section. They both show the same number of channels available, and "USA-GA67745-X". click the pencil and clicking the circle icon results in no response. didn't want to click the trash can until i'd gotten some guidance first

Can you click Help > Submit Diagnostics at the top right

yep. will do that now

Hm your primes do not show any guide data attached. Can you refresh the browser and screenshot what you see in the sources area?

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 14.07.03

maybe i should just delete them and re-add?

Can you go to the Synology apps interface and stop then restart the DVR

for one of the tuners, i clicked the trash can. then where it asked me to enter my Zip code, i instead chose "Choose Existing". it once again says "fetching guide data" only this time, it appears to be doing it. firstly it's not stopping after just a few moments. and secondly the date/time are actually cycling through to different dates/times. i'll do the same for the other tuner once this one is done. must've been some corrupt file.

sorry. for some reason i didn't see this request until after i'd done the other.

well, got the guide to work. now i'm realizing i can't get remote access to work :frowning:
i kept the same Port Forward settings on my Ubiquiti router, and just changed the IP address to match. i there a setting on my Synology NAS i need to do too now?

What part is not working? The port forwarding seems correct because the port appears open.

i'm not sure. my mind is blown at the moment. i'm getting all sort of weird pages. if i use cell data on my phone to try and go to the link i see the address bar bounce back and forth a bunch of times with the community address and my personal "string" until it finally gives me a log in. when i enter my log in, it does this again and a page pops up with a long error message about "extreme load" and the log in pop up reappears.

if i use the Channels DVR app on my phone i got a page the says "Welcome to Channels DVR" and a message about my DVR not being quite set up, and then it shows my personal string and a "try again" button. clicking Try Again does nothing but refresh the page

i've also turned Remote Access on and off in Settings, and switched it back and forth between Manual/Auto.

Did you uninstall the server from your mac, or atleast turn off bonjour, remote access and the dvr checkboxes?

wanted to uninstall, but didn't know the process. however, under Basic i did disable Bonjour and DVR

all local devices connect correctly, as does using the link. i can see it redirecting to the community link, then my private string, and then my DVR settings page

Run the mac installer from our website and choose uninstall.

Can you try and see if it says 8089 is open. It was earlier but now doesn't seem to be.

yeah, not sure what the f$%& is going on. i went to that site earlier and saw port was open too. now it isn't and i never changed anything on my Ubiquiti router.

for now i turned off the MacMini that used to run the DVR until i can run the uninstaller. doesn't seemed to have made a difference at this point.

only thing i haven't done is reboot my UI router. can't because i'm currently transferring stuff to my new NAS. guess when i do that later i'll see if that makes a difference.

what the hell. stopped to eat supper. never changed a thing. came back and now it's showing the Port open. and now i can connect my Channels app on my phone remotely over cell data?!?!

total weirdness