No guide date


Hi folks. I was wondering whether anyone could help me. My channel logos and guide data are now missing from my Channels app (I get channel name but no logo). The 'On Now' tab shows no information either. I went into the web UI and re-scanned the HD HomeRun by clicking on the cog icon in settings. The web UI states that guide info is still downloading after 10 hours. Surely it can't take that long!

In the Log tab there are indications of errors, although it all looks pretty gibberish to me. This is an example:

2019/02/11 00:21:04 [DVR] Fetching guide data for 147 stations in GBR-1000014-DEFAULT @ 2019-02-12 6:00AM
2019/02/11 00:21:11 [DVR] Error indexing airings: IO error: GBR-1000014-DEFAULT.airings/store/120408.ldb: Input/output error

All of this means that my DVR functionality is lost.

Weirdly, the logos and guide data is fine on the HD HomeRun app on my iPhone.

Can anyone help?


My guess is you're either having disk failures or you're out of disk space on whatever's hosting the DVR engine?


I would recommend running a disk check inside Disk Utility on your mac


Thanks for the feedback.

Disk Utility not showing up any issues. My iMac (used as the Channels Server) was down to its last 10GB or so. I deleted tons of stuff and then reinstalled the Channels Apple TV app and re-scanned the HDHR. Still the same. No Channel logos or guide info etc (but all this is available on the HDHR app on my iPhone).

It's really disappointing as this was all working beautifully until quite recently.

If I can't get it fixed I guess I will need to cancel my subscription.


It's possible the guide data got corrupted for some other reason, like a power loss.

Open and copy/paste this command:


That will delete the guide database and re-download data which should fix the problem.



You’re amazing! That worked. Thank you so much. And yes, we did have a power cut recently which knocked the Mac out. Thanks so much for your help.