No internet on startup

I have startup setup for a specific channel. When I power on TV the channel starts up then goes to a spin trying to connect to internet and eventually goes to no internet connection. When I then go to the guide and start on a channel I have a connection and all is fine. This problem is something new. Could it be a bug?

Is this a TVE channel? Is the Apple TV hardwired or on wifi?

It's a TVE channel and ATV hardwired. It happens when I power off tv when watching a live tv channel. When I power tv back on it loads the channel I have in startup but disconnects within a few seconds.

Any errors in the DVR web ui log when this occurs?

Personally, it sounds like the AppleTV is trying access content upon waking up, but its own networking is still lagging. Exploring your home network and how it's all connected (its topology) would greatly assist this endeavor.

Really strange. My issue seems to have resolved itself. Thank you guys for your help.
Iā€™m good to go!

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