No KCBS 2.1 show listing in guide after upgrading to Channels DVR


Hi all,
Newbie here. I've been using the Channels App on the Apple TV4 for a few months now with no issues. But after I upgraded/purchased the Channels DVR service, I no longer get the KCBS 2.1 show listings. I get the actual channel, KCBS 2.1 in Los Angeles, but the guide doesn't show what's currently playing or what's coming up. As I result, I cannot schedule any shows from that channel. Is there something I don't know about KCBS and recording their shows, because I know they have their own subscription AppleTV app. Thanks.


On the dvr web UI, click the circle refresh icon shown under your HDHomeRun


I love you. The balance of the universe is back to normal. thank you so much!!!


Don't forget about the FCC repack. I'm fairly certain 2 is going to be switching this Fri (12 Apr) after 10, so make sure you run a channel scan then, to ensure your tuner picks up the new frequencies.


Wow. that's weird. I just saw the notice run across the bottom of my screen for that. Thanks for the reminder.