No OTA on FireTV 4k

I turned on my TV and clicked the Channels DVR app on my FireTV 4k and I get no OTA. I have checked the signal and it's fine. I can use the HDHR app and watch the OTA channels just fine. I updated to the latest version and rebooted the Synolody DS-718+ that's running the server software. I also rebooted the FireTV 4k. The TVE channels are tuning in just fine.

Any ideas?

P.S. I just tested with my Nvidia Shield and it tunes the OTA channels just fine.

What version of the app is installed? There is a bug in v2.1.13.

v.2.1.14 was sent to Amazon this morning for approval which has a fix for this bug.

I am able to use MPEG-2 streams by switching to software decoding on the 4K stick; otherwise I get a black screen.

Changing your home streaming to 1080/8Mbps will force transcoding on your DVR server (if you have a Channels Plus subscription) may also alleviate this problem until Amazon pushes 2.1.14 to clients.

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Yes, the OTA channels are all there. It appears as though the audio comes through, just no video. I'm running 2.1.13.

Switching to software decoder seems to have fixed it.

Looks like switching to software decoding worked. Thanks a ton for the suggestion!

Same issue on Firetv cube. Audio and no video.

The update 2.1.14 is not on their site yet as of 7:30 pm 10/10/19. I am having issues tonight watching ESPN Live with Fire TV 4K Release 2.1.12. Banner constantly pops up and video buffers. My devices did not auto update to 2.1.13. Its on Amazon app store but I did not push it to my devices due to Issues I read about it.
I had no issues playing back my recordings. For some reason Watching Live is causing the buffering. Its OK if I turn video back 15 to 30 secs.

Same issue with the FireTV ultra HD 4k (pendant).

Switching to something other than "original" quality for "home streaming" solved the issues. Also solved by going to software decoding and leaving quality at "original".

Firmware change courtesy of Amazon?

I should clarify that I have an HDHR Prime, not OTA.

This will be fixed when your device updates to Channels v2.1.14 which we released this morning with a bugfix.

I, too, have a Prime. The aforementioned workarounds (either changing from Original for the home quality, or switching to software decoding) both work on 2.1.13 until Amazon pushes the update.