No record button on local HDHR channels

I have no option to record a show on the local channels in the guide while I do on cable ones in the guide. Also do I only use the channels dvr on my mad and regular channels on my tv’s

That’s NAS not mad

What source are you using for your local channels, i.e. - HDHomerun tuner, Locast?

I don't believe any local channels provide access via TVE. You'll need an antenna or Locast to get them into Channels DVR.

NBC, ABC and Fox may have locals available via TVE. It depends upon which affiliates are your locals.

No. I have 2 hdhomeruns. But I can’t record any of their local channels. When I click on a local in the guide I get no option to record.

And I subscribe to channels plus. At one time I could record but can’t now.

Are you running the Channels DVR app on your viewing device?

I tried both the regular and channels dvr. Which one am I supposed to use as client on my tv. I have installed channels dvr on my pr2100 nas

If you are running Channels DVR, then you get the Channels DVR app for free and should be running that on your viewing devices. You don't need the non-DVR version at all.

Ah ok. I was wondering that because I use it on my Apple tv. I don’t record very often but I did record programs previously.

On your NAS on the DVR web UI, make sure guide data is assigned below each HDHomeRun

Thank you, thank you. You were right on. As soon as I did that now the option to record is there. I really appreciate everyone’s help.

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