No remote access

I'm having trouble with remote access. I have the port 8089 forward to the ip of the server. When I click on support I get all green lights except remote access. It says " is pointed at but the current IP for this system is xx.xx.xx.xx (not sure if I should post the actual ip's

I'm having the same issue. I can successfully access but it won't work through my Android app. My channels DVR is behind Kubernetes and Docker but the ports are correctly mapped and functional.

I got it going now. I plugged server into the router instead of my switch then it seems to work.

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I had the same issue and @tmm1 had to assign a new DNS for my server to use. He has had to do this for others as well. Maybe this is your issue and he can do the same for you? This was his reply to me:

Thank you, if Ihave problems in the future I will try that.

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